A Classic Hit Tops The Media Charts

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As more people cut the cord, radio keeps on grooving

Thanks to streaming services, on-demand subscriptions and live Internet TV, the way we consume media will never be the same. But there’s one broadcast medium that’s experienced a digital revolution and kept right on rolling.

Radio is the most popular media platform in the U.S. today. If the track in your head just skipped a beat, don’t worry – the numbers prove this surprising insight.

Each week, more Americans tune into AM/FM radio (93% of the US adult population) than watch television, or use smartphones, tablets or computers. That equals an estimated 228.5 million people according to Nielsen, which is still growing. In addition, digital radio performed turned in strong numbers as well, with roughly 67 million Americans streaming audio and 36 million listening to satellite radio.

In an age where it’s easier than ever to stream music, it’s shocking to see broadcast radio outperform streaming audio by 14:1 per week for users 18+ in terms of gross minutes.

The cord cutting mentioned above is taking a toll on the broadcast television industry, where viewership is down across the board, including the most recent Super Bowl. An estimated 216.5 million people, 89% of the US adult population, watched TV every week – still strong numbers, even if they’re in decline. Americans still spend more time watching TV than listening to radio, but broadcast radio is reaching a larger number of people.

While the digital revolution hasn’t slowed down the growth of the older radio technology, innovation rages on, and a new service could slow its growth as soon as tomorrow. Broadcast radio will need to find a way to stay ahead of these emerging offerings to keep its weekly audience dominance. But for now, radio remains the surprising king of media reach.

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