An in-depth look at the Super Bowl Commercials

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The Best “Big Game” Ads from a Marketing Perspective

Super Bowl 51 delivered both an entertaining half-time show by Lady Gaga and a historic comeback by the New England Patriots, sneaking their way to a 34-28 win in overtime. The Super Bowl has transcended a mere football game to be one of the biggest cultural and marketing events of the year, where people around the world pay attention to the commercials as much as (or, sometimes, more than) the action on the field.

This year featured a number of entertaining ads. Here’s a selection of our favorites from the staff at donovan connective marketing and why.

Andrew Zenyuch
Senior Copywriter
Bai’s “Bai Bai Bai” featuring Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake.
As a marketer, I love commercials that bring to life an ownable insight or unique product differentiator in the memorable way. Humor’s great, but if it doesn’t tie back to something about you, it’s just a laugh for laughing’s sake. Bai’s commercials a huge win because it highlights how to pronounce their name in a way that will resonate with Millennials and Gen X alike. It also accomplishes a two-fold goal: fans of Bai are probably more in love than ever, and it just enamored itself to potential buyers by educating how their name is said so they’ll definitely remember it next time they’re at the store.

Ryan Donovan
Account Executive
Squarespace, Calling John Malkovich.
While the ad doesn’t necessarily tell why the audience should use their platform over the competition, it brings to light that you need to grab your domain name before anyone else. By using John Malkovich for the character in the ad they were able to play off of some of his past work, “I am John Malkovich” which allowed the commercial to be light-hearted. The commercial also shows that being first is everything; which is true for almost anything in this world.

Kevin Harder
Senior Art Director
AMC’s The Walking Dead, Season 7 – Part 2 Teaser
As an avid fan of the TV series “The Walking Dead”, this short 15 second teaser is just what any fan of the show was looking for. With binge watching and waiting to watch second parts of a TV season, these kinds of teasers continue the excitement for the show while we all wait. For those who do not watch the show, the teaser may not have been perceived well as it features the infamous “Lucille” bat owned by the current “villain” and that is all. But for those of us who do watch the show, we know that something exciting is about to happen in the upcoming second half of the season.

Angelica Lopez
Account Executive Intern
Turbo Tax, Humpty Hospital
My personal favorite was the Turbo Tax commercial that featured Humpty Dumpty falling off his grand wall due to him completing his taxes at the time. I thought it was so funny because they show him cracked on the floor and people are trying to put him back together as he is “yolking.” The commercial wanted to show how easy and convenient doing your taxes can be that even Humpty Dumpty can do it from sitting on the wall.

What were your favorites? Let us know what you liked and why.

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