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The 2018 World Cup Offers A Global Stage And Billions Of Eyes For Marketers

In record-setting numbers, soccer fans around the world are preparing to watch some of the world’s greatest athletes face off on the world’s biggest stage as the World Cup 2018 kicks off in June. An estimated 3.4 billion people are expected to tune in worldwide – basically half the planet. Even with the USA not qualifying this year, millions of Americans are expected to follow closely.

This month-long extravaganza gives brands a platform to reach consumers both in the US and around the globe in a number of unique ways. From superstar players to soccer-themed programs to partnerships with FIFA, the Cup’s organizing body, marketers will look to connect with this massive worldwide audience.

Looking back at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil gives us a roadmap of what to expect.

Brazil’s World Cup was a highly anticipated event around the world – and not only because of America’s improbably run. Roughly 400 million people watched the championship match, and this yearviewing figures are expected to trump those from previous tournaments thanks to the wider global reach of the Internet. So digital marketing is expected to play a huge role as more viewing opportunities pop up online.

The World Cup is one of the most anticipated events to occur that involves the entire world. Expect consumers to be interacting with brands via social media and for many of them to be watching the game online. A large audience, engaged consumers and an event that only occurs every four years is a companies dream to market to.

The World Cup is one of the most anticipated events worldwide, and this year’s is expected to be the most viewed ever. Expect consumers to be both watching and commenting on the action online – give brands a prime opportunity to connect, interact and market to fans through digital vehicles and social media. A record-setting audience of highly engaged consumers for an event that only occurs every four years is the type of opportunity brand’s dream of.

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