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How Department Stores Are Changing As Online Sales Soar

With the explosion and expansion of online sales, traditional retailers are adopting a more digital approach – adding flashy new technology to their retail locations and completely rethinking their online presence.

JC Penney, one of the oldest U.S. department stores known for their low prices, recently created an entire department to revamp their digital platform. The main focus is to increase funding to their online store, allowing easier access for in-store pick-ups and a wider variety of products to be purchased.

Other retailers are focusing on incorporating new technology into their stores to deliver a better, more enjoyable shopping experience.

Neiman Marcus recently added high tech mirrors that help shoppers pick out similar and complementary items for their outfit. Artisanal cafes are popping up in places like Barney’s and other retailers to add to the luxury experience keep shoppers in the store longer. Some stores are even adding juice or champagne bars to elevate their in-store experience and entice shoppers to come into the store for more than just a product.

This is exactly what consumers are now expecting from retail and online buying – a consistent positive experience. As more and more people move to the convenience of buying online, look for more innovations from department stores both on their websites and at their retail locations that build loyalty and offers a point of differentiation to keep up with giants like Amazon and Alibaba.

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