Convenience Stores Adapt to Millennials

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How convenience stores are adapting to a new consumer base.

3cstoreIt’s no secret the Millennial generation has made its mark on the consumer landscape and has been a driving force of change across B2C industries. This includes convenience stores. The need for c-stores to adapt is critical because millennials make up about one third of their store traffic. Below are some of the key areas in which Millennials are causing c-stores to adjust the products and services they offer.

Mobile payment and online ordering

Millennials want convenience paired with efficiency, especially when it comes to ordering and payment. While adding delivery options or physical drive-thrus would be a seemingly great way for c-stores to meet this need, space and cost limitations would normally get in the way. Instead, many c-stores are allowing online ordering for people to order ahead and simply walk-in, pick up their food and leave.


Millennials live their lives with more transparency than other generations and expect the same transparency from the companies and products they choose. This also means fresher food, shorter recognizable ingredient lists, and options that are inherently good for you. C-stores must take this into account when determining their food and product offerings.

All meals. All day.

Alternative work, school, and social schedules as well as the Millennials on-the-go lifestyles, blur the lines between snacks and meals. Snacking has become the new norm and the traditional three-meal day is now being broken down into 5-7 meals/snacks per day. Most c-stores are adapting by offering quickly prepared, made to order meal options.

In addition, Millennials are looking for more ways of sustaining their energy. This is sought out in the form of functional beverages such as energy drinks and bottled coffee, and products that incorporate protein and complex carbs such as beef jerky. Mood enhancement and the need for energy are among the top reasons they snack.

Eating around the world, in one place.

Millennials have become the multicultural generation – 42 percent are Hispanic, Asian or African-American. Multicultural influences have led them to be exploratory and eager to try new things, especially when it comes to food. Having culturally diverse food options available at their fingertips in c-stores would certainly result in sales.

While C-Stores continue to adapt and grow their customer base, it seems that they may have found their perfect consumers in the Millennial market. To find out more about millennials, c-store trends and how to improve your business, contact donovan connective marketing at: 717-560-1333 or

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