Gearing Up For Back to School

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It’s that time of year, again

It’s hard to believe, but summer’s halfway over. Families across the nation are enjoying the last days of July and looking forward to their August plans. But soon, parents and, begrudgingly, kids will have to start thinking about the upcoming school year, which means retailer activities for Back To School will be kicking into full swing shortly.

Back to school shopping is one of the most prevalent “seasons” in terms of spending – ranking second behind the holidays by accounting for $27 Billion spent from nearly 29 million households according to Deloitte. The four leading categories for back to school shopping are, not surprisingly: school supplies, clothing & accessories, computers and electronic gadgets.

While retailers are facing increased pressure from their online competitors, they still have a strong hold on the Back To School timeframe. About 81% of shoppers plan to go to a mass merchant like Target or Wal-Mart for their classroom needs. However, consumers are adopting a dual approach to shopping for this season – planning making purchases both online and in-store. Mass retailers and off-dollar stores are poised to be the biggest winners for this upcoming season.

With numbers and shopping habits like these, it’s no wonder that retail outlets from grocers to drug stores and beyond are clamoring to promote this season. Every year brings a new need for supplies, despite the complaints from young ones trying to enjoy every minute of their summer. Unfortunately for them, come August, they’ll be joining their parents on their yearly trek to stores for calculators, notebooks and pencils for the start of another school year.

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