Snapchat & Nielsen Team Up

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How the merge helps brands tap new markets

For an app that focuses on fleeting moments, it’s making sure one association sticks. Snapchat has officially doubled down on its partnership with Nielsen – a global information, data and measurement company that operates in over 100 countries.

This opens up a wealth of targeting opportunities for media buyers. According to ADWEEK, they’ll now have access to 30,000 audience segments (demographics, buyer insights, mobile behaviors) with this expanded agreement. This improves the previous effort with deeper audience targeting capabilities such as offline purchasing data.

There are on average 187 million daily active Snapchat users, with an average of 30 plus minutes of time spent in the app, reported by OMNICORE. Marketers are now sitting in a position that can allow for a new wave of insights and data to push full campaigns into this social network. Also Snapchat and Nielsen are adding deeper audience targeting capabilities. One example for instance, is offline-purchasing data to make the competition between top tier competitors like Facebook and Google even. ADWEEK has stated that Snapchat is now the “closest competitor to TV”, compared to other social network competitors for advertisement.

Snapchat averages 187 million active daily users who spend an average of 30 plus minutes of time in the app, reported by OMNICORE. Marketers can now target their campaigns to reach a highly specific audience thanks to this new wave of insights and data.

These additions put Snapchat on the same level as Facebook and Google in terms of reach. With features like offline purchase data, ADWEEKsaid Snapchat is now the “closest competitor to TV”, compared to other social network competitors for advertisement.

“Discovering the audience that drives engagement and offline sales have never been more critical for marketers,” said Jessica Hogue, Senior VP of Digital Solutions at Nielsen.

What’s interesting is Snapchat is scaling up their purchase-based marketing data while AdAgesays Facebook is rolling theirs back. It’s an advantageous position for Snapchat to find themselves in.

Additionally, AdAgehas announced this new deal between Snapchat and Nielsen will now allow partners of Snapchat to plan, activate, and analyze marketing initiatives, while also using Nielsen’s audience segments for campaigns within their business. Nielsen offers impressive insight to audience data, so by pairing that information and Snapchat’s platform, marketers can reach the exact demographics they want.

Now more than ever, Snapchat and Nielsen’s partnership opens the door to unprecedented consumer targeting, which should result in highly successful campaigns when executed properly. This moves Snapchat to the forefront of social media marketing options as a way to connect with a highly targeted audience in an efficient and effective way.

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