The Big Game Is A Big Stage For Brands

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Super Bowl Commercials by The Numbers

Happy Super Bowl Eve! Excitement around the nation is ramping up heading into the weekend, and for most, that excitement is more about the watching the commercials than the actual game.

For many brands, this Sunday is their Super Bowl as well. It’s one of the biggest advertising days of the year, with the ads almost eclipsing the action on the field. It comes with a heavy price though – the cost of a 30 second ad soared to above $5 million this year.

That’s a record high, and has grown 87% over the last decade according to Kantar Media. Last year’s Big Game brought in an estimate $419 million – greater than the GDP of small countries like Kiribati and Anguilla.

But this enormous price tag is justified by the viewership it reaches. There’s just no other event, TV or otherwise, that gathers crowds like the Super Bowl. It’s reached the level of unofficial national holiday – averaging 111 Million viewers over the last 5 years. During that time, it’s taken over the social media and online conversation as well. An estimated 63 million don’t have traditional pay-TV this year, which will only grow the online chatter.

While ratings were down for the NFL during the regular season, the playoffs have been immune to this dip. Some are skeptical whether the Super Bowl will resist these larger downward trends as well. But brands are banking on the game’s historic drawing power – 111 Million people watched last year. Even though that’s down 3 Million from 2015, it’s still the 5th most watched broadcast in TV history.

The Super Bowl continues to capture the nation’s attention – making it prime real estate for brands that can afford to make a lasting impression. While the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots face off on the gridiron, many parties around the nation waiting for the action to stop to get to the action they really want to see – the commercials.

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