The Popularity Growth of Food Trucks

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Foreign Foods & Millennials Drive Food Truck Growth

Today’s food trucks seem foreign to what they used to be even twenty years ago. The concept of food trucks has completely morphed beyond simply providing convenient food; it’s become more of a unique experience for consumers.

According to the Technomic report, ”Understanding the Foodservice Attitudes & Behaviors of Millennials,” researchers found that 88% of American Millennials surveyed are interested in trying new types of food.

Food trucks provide an opportunity to sample a variety of ethnic foods that are foreign to the restaurant industry. Since food trucks normally serve only a specific type of food, grouping them together allows the consumer to sample multiple styles all at once. All jokes aside usually when you see one food truck on the street there will be another one close by, like a pack of wolves.

Food trucks not only provide new and interesting foods, but also a number of other refreshing experiences. According to, they claim that this urban landscape is also encouraging sustainability, community, creativity and entrepreneurship. Millennials are more interested in creative communal events that allow them to be socialites.

Because of the mobile aspect, food trucks have continued to gain popularity for being at local and iconic events, concerts and festivals. They make the perfect addition to any event in which makes it more accessible to younger generations.

We are certain that they will continue to prosper and grow in popularity. Who doesn’t love food trucks? We hope to see more new and exciting ones popping up and add more variety to the current market.

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