The Real Winners of Super Bowl Sunday

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Food and Beverage Brands Dominate The Big Game

The anticipation is palpable among football fans as Super Bowl Sunday approaches. But there’s a group of pigskin lovers that have been looking forward to the Big Game a lot longer than the average fan: food and beverage brands.

Last year, consumer spending related to the Super Bowl totaled over $15 billion – a large part of that coming from food and beverage sales. But these big rewards come with big investments – let’s dive into the numbers.

For many, the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl is as much about the parties as it is about the game. The average adult spends over $80 related to game-watching activities. Planned food and beverage spending occupies 82% of that average.

Most Super Bowl watchers will agree: you don’t have to be a football fan to love hot wings, chips, pizza, and beer. All four of these play major roles in Super Bowl spreads. During last year’s Super Bowl, consumers were estimated to have spent $1.3 billion on beer and cider, $224 million on chips, $198 million on frozen pizza and $80 million on chicken wings.

As for investments, it’s not uncommon to see the food you’re eating or the beverage you’re enjoying appear on your TV or social feeds during the game. In 2017, food and beverage companies spent $84.6 million on advertising during the Super Bowl. A reported 75% of Americans are watching, even the most well known brands realize the importance of capitalizing on this captive audience.

This is even more true for domestic beer drinkers. At $35 million, Anheuser-Busch was reported as the top spender on Super Bowl advertising. Anheuser-Bush products that are featured in Super Bowl commercials include Budweiser, Bud Light, Bush, and Michelob Ultra.

Food and beverage companies recognize that the Big Game is their biggest stage. On the screen and in homes, fans are consuming both their product and messaging.

This is their moment, and the companies that see the biggest return on their investments are able to reinforce their experience and message in creative and unforgettable ways on the world’s biggest stage.

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