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New study reveals what influences your customers the most.

justlookingAs any good car salesman will tell you, if a person walks onto your lot and tells you they’re “just looking” they’re lying. The fact that they’ve taken the time to visit a dealership means they have some degree of purchase intent. It’s the same when someone visits your website. If they’re on a page for more than 20 seconds, they want something.

The process of converting an online ‘tire kicker’ to an online sale is mostly a matter of providing the information necessary for them to buy with confidence. It’s a new kind of persuasion based on the fact that the Internet is where consumer research tools collide with purchase opportunities. A new study by iVentures Consulting identifies: Personalization, Content Marketing, Informational Videos and Mobile Optimization as being among the top digital tools for enhancing product awareness, affinity and purchase intent. Whether you are an e-commerce business or a brick-and-mortar company trying to ‘sell’ your brand, these tools can help you click with consumers.


Using online behavioral data, companies are able to customize a viewer’s experience: tailoring their site’s content to better match an individual’s wants and needs. is a prime example of how savvy online entities can refine website content based on viewing history and anticipate the trajectory of a person’s next purchase. If you bought a baby crib on Amazon, expect to see a lot of offers for diapers on your next visit.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing allows you to demonstrate to your consumer how your product or brand fits their lifestyle. It is a key influencer. According to Forrester Research a consumer will engage with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase. This can come in many forms. The fashion industry may create pictorial lookbooks to show off a new line of clothing. Food manufacturers routinely generate recipes, food pairings and serving suggestions to whet the appetites and spark the imaginations of their intended market. And multiple brands – from Pandora jewelry to John Deere farm equipment – produce custom published magazines in an effort to reach deeper into their consumer’s psyche, grab a bigger share of mind and increase consumer loyalty.

Informational Videos

According to Internet analytics company, comScore, a visitor to a retail website is 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. (A recent survey conducted by video company, Animoto, claims that this figure is actually higher. Animoto’s findings maintain that 73% of individuals are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.) Video is also an incredibly powerful tool for promoting brand and increasing social engagement. Humorous videos are most likely to be shared (94%), followed by heartwarming videos (91%) and educational videos (89%).

Mobile Optimization

Video and personalized content mean little if you can’t deliver it to consumers when they want it and where they need it. Adult users now spend more time on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Smartphones are useful for enhancing a consumer’s in-store experience by delivering digital coupons, offering way-finding information and providing access to mobile payment options. Of the sites audited in the 2015 eShopper Index 91% were mobile optimized.

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