Graphic Design Archive

14 Jul 2016

No play button required

In their own quiet way infographics are making – and winning – their case. More engaging than a chart or graph and less resource intensive than animation or video, the infographic can effectively make complex information easily
23 Mar 2016

Stumble on something delightful

Out-of-home agencies are creating interactive billboards and environmental installations to engage consumers in their day-to-day lives. Learn why this works.
9 Dec 2015

Santa Sells

He covers the globe faster than most salesmen can get through their cold call list. No one moves product like Santa.
27 Aug 2014

New energy. New look. We’ve rebranded!

Donovan now has a fresh, new visual identity! This rebrand reflects our unique approach as a Connective Marketing agency. Read more about the rebrand and what prompted it.
5 Feb 2014

Breaking Through Packaging Clutter

How can you differentiate your brand from your competition and lift sales? The majority of consumer purchases are decided in-store. It is essential to have a clear and concise message on your packaging at point-of-sale. Find out the
25 Apr 2013

Six key label colors and their meaning

Green is the new gold standard for health conscious consumers. According to a recent Cornell University research study, consumers tended to think that a candy bar with a calorie label printed in green is healthier than one
24 Apr 2013

Packaging for the Health Conscious Shopper

More consumers than ever are concerned about eating healthy and the nutrition in foods they are purchasing. However, the way these individuals view healthy eating and read nutrition labels is making a shift. New data shows consumers