Pride and Perception

Consumers want to feel good about what they eat. To create brand loyalty food companies must be open and authentic about their process and exhibit pride in what they do. The right marketing can help.

Delicious Predictions for 2015

Just as time marches forward into a new year once again, consumer needs continue to shift. In 2015, we expect five core lifestyle demands to impact consumers approach food.

Local Goes Big

The “local food” trend is more than a fad – it’s a movement. So much so that even Walmart has made it a priority. Find out how the national retail giant seeks to meet consumers’ small-town desire for local, homegrown food.

Eat this. Lose weight.

While commercial weight loss chains try to rekindle relationships based on the ever-present desire among consumers for greater health and better body image, food producers and retailers are adapting to reactions and challenges in the marketplace. And now with the food industry facing push-back to overly processed foods, the two industries are facing the challenge of connecting with the same consumers.

Packaging for the Health Conscious Shopper

More consumers than ever are concerned about eating healthy and the nutrition in foods they are purchasing. However, the way these individuals view healthy eating and read nutrition labels is making a shift. New data shows consumers are now placing more emphasis on overall health as opposed to just simple weight loss.

In a recent study by Mintel, 90% of US consumers agreed with the statement “living a healthy life is all about moderation”, outranking all other statements regarding attitudes toward health and weight. Also, only 6% of consumers said they adhere to a strict diet plan, while 42% say they strive for balance in their diet.

These individuals are drawn to packaging with more positive messages such as “High Protein” or “High Fiber”, and straying from negative sounding messages such as “Low-Carbs”, “Low-Fat” and “Low-Sodium”, which consumers also associate with “Low-Taste”. Read Full Article