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30 Aug 2016

Words to eat by

Don’t let stale, played-out phrases keep you from creating a fresh new marketing approach. Discover how to talk about your product.
14 Jul 2016

No play button required

In their own quiet way infographics are making – and winning – their case. More engaging than a chart or graph and less resource intensive than animation or video, the infographic can effectively make complex information easily
22 Jun 2016

The guac might be extra but the E. coli is free

Chipotle seemed to be America’s first choice for Mexican food. Now the popular chain is facing an existential threat. What is Chipotle doing to get past its E. coli crisis?
18 May 2016

Get them while they’re young

A lot of research goes into predicting which foods will garner sales. A new book explores flavor preferences. Could consumer preferences be established before birth?
11 May 2016

Add me to your aesthetic

Some brands are able to capitalize on trends. Those that cater to the youth market are prime for becoming part of their market’s “personal aesthetic.” But is being on-trend enough to sustain your brand?
17 Feb 2016

All you need is love

How do you make your product stand out in a crowd? By making sure the consumer only has eyes for you. Find out how love influences purchasing decisions.
10 Feb 2016

The benefit of being touchy

What could be better? The efficiency of online ordering and overnight delivery combined with the gratifying ability to hold a product in your hand gives shoppers the best of both worlds.
18 Nov 2015

Will hunt for food

For many shoppers, extreme-value supermarkets have transformed grocery shopping into a treasure hunt. This niche in the retail landscape is one to keep your eye on.
4 Nov 2015

The new tradition of trade publications

Trade advertising used to be pretty simple. It was all about the trade magazines. Today to be successful, B2B advertisers need to embrace a mindset that goes beyond the printed page. Read how.
21 Oct 2015

Ink on Paper

What is the future of print? Is print dead? No. It’s just taken on a new personality. Once upon a time print was the go-to medium. Brochures and sell sheets were the foot soldiers of any successful