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4 Nov 2016

The Rise of “Click-And-Collect” Shopping

While online shopping isn’t new, “Click-And-Collect” gives a new way for consumers to shop while still driving sales for retailers. Find out more about this blended style of shopping.
10 Feb 2016

The benefit of being touchy

What could be better? The efficiency of online ordering and overnight delivery combined with the gratifying ability to hold a product in your hand gives shoppers the best of both worlds.
12 Aug 2015

Grab attention online

Today’s consumer has access to more information than ever before. It is up to marketers to ensure that the information they discover builds brand awareness, affinity and purchase intent.
12 Nov 2014

The need for speed

Technology and new media have radically and quickly put the consumer in control of how they interact with advertising and what kind of relationship they demand from brands. Brands must adapt to this shift in power or
27 Aug 2014

New energy. New look. We’ve rebranded!

Donovan now has a fresh, new visual identity! This rebrand reflects our unique approach as a Connective Marketing agency. Read more about the rebrand and what prompted it.
9 Jul 2014

Upload a better brand experience

A brand can be defined and developed in many ways, but it will always have a foundation in consumer experience. Does your website create an experience that reinforces the brand you have worked so hard to create?
4 Jun 2014

Selling product by not selling

Content Marketing helps consumers connect to your brand by showing them how your brands’ products benefit their lives. Find out how you can use new technology and the time-honored tradition of storytelling to build your business.
25 Apr 2013

Six key label colors and their meaning

Green is the new gold standard for health conscious consumers. According to a recent Cornell University research study, consumers tended to think that a candy bar with a calorie label printed in green is healthier than one
24 Apr 2013

Packaging for the Health Conscious Shopper

More consumers than ever are concerned about eating healthy and the nutrition in foods they are purchasing. However, the way these individuals view healthy eating and read nutrition labels is making a shift. New data shows consumers