A Healthy Halloween? What A Scream!

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Sugar remains top ghoul for Halloween consumers

The clean eating trend has infiltrated almost every aspect of the food industry. But as it approaches, there’s one hair-raising holiday that’s proving to be immune to clean eating’s infectious pull: Halloween.

October starts tugging at people’s sweet tooth in preparation for the frightful festivities. Over 90% of Americans will purchase candy, spending roughly $2.6 billion. And they aren’t afraid to go door to door to find the best deal, with purchases made both online and at brick-and-mortar stores.

The traditional brands dominate these sales, with personal preference and nostalgia driving the majority of purchases – just smaller portions of what they grew up getting as kids. In 2017 in a survey of roughly 2,000 people, the top three favorite brands were Reese’s, Snickers, and M&M’s, and 81% of the surveyed group said it would be bite size.

Spending on these spooky sweets isn’t slowing down either, with consumers reportedly spending $86 for total Halloween items – $25 of which is specifically for candy. In-store displays, which disrupt the shopping experience, as well as heightened online visibility were cited as factors in purchases decisions.

While shoppers will always shop around for the best price, one thing’s for sure: Halloween continues to be a spook-takular driver of sales, regardless of clean eating trends.

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