An Instagram-Worthy Holiday

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Marketers Are Projecting A Photo-Worthy Holiday

From a fun photo-sharing experience to a juggernaut of likes, followers and influencers, few platforms have transformed the social media landscape as Instagram.

It’s completely reshaped how both brands and consumers view design – so much so that “Instagram-worthy” is a commonly used term in the food industry. Everyone from chefs to restaurants all the way down to social gatherings among friends and family are putting extra effort in the presentation of dishes.

So with the holidays on the horizon, we took a look at what to expect for this years top Insta-trends, and how brands can take advantage of them.

Putting a meatless twist on charcuterie, ‘Frucicuterie’ boards are primed to fill feeds this holiday.  Sometimes known as graze boards, these professionally designed, photo-ready snack boards are vegetarian-friendly – made with a mixture of fresh fruits and cheeses instead of meats.

Along the same lines, bite sized dishes continue to see an upswing in popularity. A play on the minimalist trend, everything from appetizers to main courses and desserts are shrinking down to please both followers and party guests.

Seasonal flavors continue to dominate the social space as well, with pumpkin spice being infused into seemingly every food available. One component of pumpkin spice – cinnamon, but more specifically cinnamon roll – is one of the newest and most interesting of trends of the holidays season, popping up in everything from ice cream to pie crusts to lattes.

Traditional Christmas spices are starting to show up in savory dishes as well. Salted caramel and clementine flavors are finding their way into mince pies, pastas, gravy and other recipes as a way to bring new life to the old standards.

While the holidays are a time of tradition, Instagram has permanently reshaped what that looks like for both brands and consumers. Make your holiday dishes the talk of the table and Insta-worthy this year!

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