“Hey Google – Get Me Some Groceries.”

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Welcome To The Age of Voice Assistant Shopping

Recent innovations such as the Smart Watch, Wearables and Virtual Reality are attempts to reach consumers and make their lives easier. Other advancements disrupted and changed the way we live successfully – with previous years being dubbed the “Year of the Smart Car” and the “Year of Social Media.”

2018 may become known as the “Year of the Voice Assistant,” as more people accept Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple’s Siri into their every day life for help.

Amazon Alexa and Google home are already a few years old, but this recent Holiday season and increased technological capabilities brought a surge in popularity. Nearly 20% of consumers used voice shopping in 2017 and even more plan to use it in 2018.

According to RBC Capital Markets, voice shopping may be a major factor in the future of retail – Alexa alone could be upwards of a $10 billion business by 2020. Retailers are seeing these numbers and quickly strategizing to capitalize on their potential.

Target and Walmart have already teamed up with Google Home to let consumers make purchases directly through the device and have it shipped. Another possible strategy: companies could run sponsored campaigns on voice assistants, appearing higher in search results like they would in Sponsored Links on a Google search.

It’s clear that voice assistants present a unique opportunity for many retail companies. Their unique level of interaction, connection and convenience with target audiences, especially in the context of their everyday lives, will only continue to build as they shift to voice shopping more frequently.

As the marketing opportunities around these devices continue to develop, retailers, brands and marketers should pay close attention on how to take advantage of these potential game changers.

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