It’s Not All About Fireworks On The 4th

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How America’s #1 Cookout Day Continues To Grow

The 4th of July is almost here, and millions of Americans are gearing up to cookout out with their friends and family. It’s no surprise that Independence Day is the biggest grilling day of the year, with Memorial Day and Labor Day following behind. The majority of the country – 64% of Americans – plans to attend a barbeque or picnic this year.

And in typical fashion, these cookouts will feature a lot of food. Roughly a 150 million hotdogs will be consumed, and 750 million pounds of chicken and 190 pounds of red meat and pork will be purchased for the grill.

American’s love for cooking out on the 4th keeps growing, with basket sizes bumping up year after year. In 2016, the average basket size was $72 – and increase from $68 in 2015. Condiments seem to be leading the way on this growth as new flavors and offerings enter the segment. Condiments reached $203 million in sales – outpacing the ever-popular chips and dip, which combined for $152.3 million in sales.

With tons of food set to be grilled and topped with even more condiments, Independence Day continues to dominate as a key holiday for food brands and retailers. The cookout staples lead the way, but don’t be surprised if something new appears on the grill or on top of your favorite dish. Enjoy your 4th!

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