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Foods fortified with these positive digestive aids are trending

From packing in protein to pumpkin spice everything, brands have extended and diversified product lines through trendy flavors and supplements. Built to catch consumers’ attention, they show the brand is relevant and responding to their wants and needs – creating a connection with them.

This year, as healthier foods rise, it looks like there’s a new ingredient that will start popping up in products across shelves – probiotics.

Probiotics gained popularity for their digestive aid benefits, obtained primarily through yogurts and other chilled, cultured milk products. Today, thanks to new heat-tolerant formulations that allow the healthy bacteria and yeasts to survive processing and become shelf-stable, they’re finding their way into items like trail mixes, oatmeal, pancakes and a variety of other now-functional foods.

As consumers are becoming health conscious, they’re looking for get more nutrition out of every bite – a prime opportunity for probiotic fortification. According to a recent survey, 83% of the surveyed people are familiar with probiotics and 53% believe it will impact their health in a positive way. In another survey by Packaged Facts, 23% of consumers said they specially look for food and beverage items high in probiotics.

It may not be a surprise, but the buyers of probiotics skew towards the Millennial age group. Since Millennials seem to be the main consumer data points from Global Market Insights indicate that the global marker for probiotic items is expected to exceed $64 billion by the year 2023. To get ahead of the curve companies are experimenting ways to tap into this opportunity before competition arrives. Consumers want to add these healthy probiotics to items in the every day life. Consumers look for convenience and for variety at the same time so it’s up to the manufacturers to cater to them.

And to the surprise of no one, Millennials are leading the probiotic charge. Global Market Insights say probiotic items are expected to exceed $64 billion by the year 2023, primarily on the strength of their interest.

It’s clear consumers want easy ways to add the benefits of probiotics to their everyday lives. Now’s the time to get ahead of the curve, and get new product pipelines filled with innovative ways to capitalize on this anticipated growth.

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