The Rise of “Click-And-Collect” Shopping

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The Future of Shopping is Now

It comes as no surprise that consumers, especially in large cities, have been drawn to purchasing groceries online with companies like Peapod and Amazon that offer to deliver groceries to their doorstep. Nearly one-third of Americans are shopping online this year with a likely increase to follow in 2017. However, as more people continue to shop online, companies like Kroger and Wal-mart are introducing “Click-And-Collect” or “Buy Online, Pick Up at Store” (BOPUS) shopping options. This blended form of grocery shopping is becoming wildly popular for both retailers and consumers because there are benefits for both.

onlinegroceryFor retailers, BOPUS-style grocery shopping makes shopping easier for busy people, but still gets them to the store. While consumers are able to pick out exactly what they want to be in their basket online, when they pick up their groceries from the store, nearly 70 percent will still venture inside the brick-and-mortar location for forgotten items or impulse purchases. to purchase an item they forgot. This online-offline, cross-blend shopping is resulting in increased sales for retailers.

For consumers, BOPUS is all about convenience and time-savings. Ordering groceries online reduces the amount of time an individual needs to spend  in-store, especially for routine purchases. The process is simple yet effective: search and select items online, select a time of pick up, and then arrive to pick up your items. This allows the consumer to plan out their hectic day and not waste time searching for items in the store. BOPUS is also extremely popular around holidays, enabling consumers plan out and shop for their holiday meals in an easy, organized, quick manner, leaving more time for other aspects of the holiday season.

BOPUS is a win-win situation for both retailers and consumers as it increases sales and cuts down the amount of time needed for shopping. To find out more about how to help your business with this new style of shopping, contact Donovan connective marketing at: 717.560.1333 or

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