The Chicken Wing Dilemma

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Restaurants cope with the rising demand for wings

Football season is in full gear, and hungry fans are flocking to their favorite eateries to cheer on their favorite teams and enjoy some food with friends. But, the price of their favorite chicken bites may turn their cheers to boos.

The demand for chicken wings increases substantially every year right around football season, especially during the SuperBowl. During SuperBowl 51 Americans consumed 1.3 Billion wings, which is up 2% from the previous year. However, in recent years the demand for wings remained constant the entire year. This is causing issues for suppliers to keep up with the consumers’ loving of wings.

Across the nation, restaurants are stuggling to keep up with the demand for wings – so much that there’s a wing shortage on the horizon.

This is a big problem because wings are big business. From June 2016 to June 2017, Americans’ ordered over 1 billion orders of wings. Restaurants reacted to this boom in popularity in a number of different ways. Wing Nights and wing specials became less frequent. Buffalo Wild Wings shifted their emphasis to boneless wings, which are boneless breast or thigh meat bites that aren’t affected by the shortage. Others cut pack on portions or as mentioned above, simply bumped their prices to compensate.

Unfortunately, this shortage is projected to continue. And as wings aren’t slowing down in popularity, restaurants will be forced to get creative with how to handle this football season staple to keep fans happy.

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