New Year, New Healthy Snacking Trends.

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As we start 2017, new snacking trends are emerging.

The year has just begun, bringing with it scores of people looking to change not only their lifestyle, but the way they eat in general. As with every New Year, people make the time-old resolution to better themselves. Whether it’s traveling more, reconnecting with family or finally making those pesky habit changes (for real this time), new trends always seem to follow.

This year, healthier snacking seems to be the general focus. Fruit-based snacking continues to gain momentum from last year, as companies are recognizing that customers are increasingly looking for great-tasting, good-for-you snacks.

For example, Brookside gives their fruit-based snacks a twist by including dark chocolate with flavors like acai, blueberry and cranberry. This is an emerging trend within the industry: adding an ingredient that pairs well with fruit for an explosion of flavor.

This builds on why consumers are turning toward healthier snacks more and more. They satisfy the three main things consumers seek: Is the snack portable, healthy, and does the packaging clearly communicate what’s in the product? Companies with products that check these important boxes have recently seen steady growth.

In fact, that growth is fueling the healthy snack industry so much, it’s estimated to reach $25.4 billion in sales by 2020. Also helping drive this surge – retailers are recognizing a consumer’s desire to eat healthier and looking to capitalize. At Wegmans, consumers are greeted by a shoppable display promoting a healthy eating lifestyle, making it easy to add these in-demand products to their cart.

With consumers embracing healthy snacks and retailers getting behind the trend, the category growth will continue to be strong throughout 2017.

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