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Watch Out For These Wholesome Foods Trends Next Year

Healthy is here to stay. People are taking what they eat more serious than ever, and it looks like that will continue into 2018. Weightless, as always, is the primary driver for this change, but more and more consumers are trying to live healthier by paying closer attention to what they put into their bodies. Here’s what’s shaping up to be the predominant trends of 2018.

Dehydrated fruits will see a resurgence thanks to consumers looking to incorporate more fruits and veggies into their diet. Their uptick in popularity is already starting and more and more people see them as a healthy convenient snack or a way to add variety to their main meals.

Low-Sugar and Low-Carb snacks caught on in 2017 and will only grow moving forward. Led by Paleo-like diets and increased awareness of diabetes and other health issues, foods with high carb counts and added sugars will continue to fall out of favor. Roasted vegetables and other snacks with nominal carb counts and moderate naturally occurring sugars are primed to gain popularity.

Natural Foods will go from curiosity to necessity. The last few years were more of an introduction to the category for a majority of consumers. As the Healthy Food section gained more and more floor space at grocery stores, brands jumped in and shoppers took notice. Now items in this section will become a staple for consumers who want healthier options with ingredients they can pronounce.

Finally, “Gut Healthy” items will gain popularity in the mainstream. Learning more about gastrointestinal issues has led to more consumers embracing gluten-free and dairy-free diets. This also goes for probiotics. We’ve already seen yogurt’s fly off shelves thanks to this, and items such as smoothies and drinks are following suit with probiotic or stomach-aid benefit claims.

As we move into 2018, look for healthy trends such as these to continue to change what consumers are putting in their baskets.

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