Millennials Get Their Snack On

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A preference for frequent small bites is replacing the traditional meal routines and changing the industry.

The unique day and age of today has shaped Millennials to be one-of-a-kind. This is especially true of their eating habits – eschewing a normal meal routine because they’re constantly snacking.

Their new snacking habits are having a big impact on the CPG food category. The industry reported its strongest growth in four years thanks to a spike in sales for snacking brands. Approximately 94% of Americans are snacking at least once a day, but Millennials are taking that to the next level – preferring to snack 4 or more times a day.

To Millennials, snacking has become a core component to their daily routine. According to, they start their day with light and energizing snacks and transition to sweet and tasty in the evening and late night.

As we’ve discussed before, Millennials want products that align with their personal values, favoring these over other products that may offer greater value. And with health and wellness trending, Millennials are paving the way – emphasizing self, society and planet by focusing on health and eating modern foods that are clean, organic, less processed, non-GMO and antibiotic free.

As compared to older generations, it used to be all about waiting for them one or two specials meals a day. Whether it’s a large lunch, dinner or both, not many people from older generations snacked like today’s Millennials. Due to cost, abundance of money, time and main at-home meals of the day, they stuck to large meals.

This is a big shift from the older generation, who mainly adhered to the classic “2-3 meals a day” routine. Whether it’s a large lunch, dinner or both, they didn’t emphasize snacking as much as Millennials. They mainly stuck to larger meals at-home due to cost, time, a more nuclear family model or a combination of each.

But for Millennials, there are a number of reasons that justify their increased snacking habit: staying full in between meals, affordably replacing meals, immediately satisfying cravings, staying energized throughout the day and, probably most importantly, how readily available snacks are given Millennials always on-the-go lifestyle.

Snacking is clearly a much better fit for Millennials’ lifestyle and attitudes, making it a trend all marketers should keep top-of-mind moving forward.

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