Probiotic Power

Thanks to recent innovations, probiotics are finding their way to more and more foods – and anticipated to grow.

Keep It Clean

Clearly showing what’s in a food product as well as how it’s made is becoming one of the biggest influences on their decision making

Healthy skepticism

As consumers’ concern for healthier food options has grown, so has their mistrust of food labels — specifically organic. As a result, marketing to these skeptical consumers becomes even more nuanced. Read more.

Eat this. Burn fat!

As consumers become increasingly health conscious, food scientists are on a mission to make “exercise in a bottle” a reality. Fitness buffs, couch potatoes, and food marketers take note! Read more.

Beating the egg

Food startup Hampton Creek is reimagining food by studying the properties of plant-based proteins. Their healthy and affordable egg substitute has already made an impact on the food industry, and has huge implications for the future of the food supply system.

Marketing healthy candy

Healthy candy is a great idea. Give consumers a chance to satisfy their sweet tooth while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, why haven’t functional candy items fully connected with consumers? Read more and learn about the latest generation of better-for-you treats.