Probiotic Power

Thanks to recent innovations, probiotics are finding their way to more and more foods – and anticipated to grow.

Healthy skepticism

As consumers’ concern for healthier food options has grown, so has their mistrust of food labels — specifically organic. As a result, marketing to these skeptical consumers becomes even more nuanced. Read more.

Delicious Predictions for 2015

Just as time marches forward into a new year once again, consumer needs continue to shift. In 2015, we expect five core lifestyle demands to impact consumers approach food.

Mother Knows Best.

Mom has always been the driver of food choices for the family. As an agency for many food brands, we understand this well. But things have changed during the past 30-40 years. In the 70s and 80s, once Mom got into a groove and understood their family’s eating habits, her interest in having dramatically changing choices were not great. Sure, sometimes Mom tried to sneak through a new choice or even a private label brand (heaven forbid) to see if the family […]

Eat this. Lose weight.

While commercial weight loss chains try to rekindle relationships based on the ever-present desire among consumers for greater health and better body image, food producers and retailers are adapting to reactions and challenges in the marketplace. And now with the food industry facing push-back to overly processed foods, the two industries are facing the challenge of connecting with the same consumers.