Keep It Clean

Clearly showing what’s in a food product as well as how it’s made is becoming one of the biggest influences on their decision making

It’s not easy being green

Starting to realize their clout as consumers, Millennials favor brands that share their values. Here are two insights into what this generation wants.

Pride and Perception

Consumers want to feel good about what they eat. To create brand loyalty food companies must be open and authentic about their process and exhibit pride in what they do. The right marketing can help.

Healthy skepticism

As consumers’ concern for healthier food options has grown, so has their mistrust of food labels — specifically organic. As a result, marketing to these skeptical consumers becomes even more nuanced. Read more.

Let me introduce myself

Social media provides a great way to introduce your brand and build relationships. Discover the secrets to establishing brand loyalty and affinity with your consumers. Read more.

Saying no to GMO

Consumers are demanding the right to know whether their food contains GMOs. Find out how some retailers are using non-GMO labeling to help win consumers loyalty.