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Generating Brand Awareness Through Online and Offline Conversations

For most brands, getting people talking about your product online or offline is extremely important. Word-of-mouth is still the most credible form of advertising. Consumers still rely heavily on the recommendations of those they know and trust – friends and family (Nelson Global Trust in Advertising Report). People talk, type, and share experiences and information about companies and brands they love. (Engagement Labs)

Where do these conversations occur? Increasingly, online brand conversations are growing. However, the real winner remains face-to-face conversations. Offline conversations drive 2X the sales impact as online. Count in the trend that digital media is continuing to impact brand-related conversations offline to the tune of six trillion dollars in annual consumer purchases, you’ve got a recipe for stimulating more sizzle and buzz for your brand. (Adweek)

How can brands use conversations to drive awareness and sales?

In real life, conversations are happening all the time. Consider this: More and more, people are sharing media with friends or family members – sharing a funny commercial, a helpful infographic, or delicious recipe post from a brand? Understanding the fluid and connected nature of conversations enables brands and marketers to develop relevant campaigns and ultimately drive increased awareness and ultimately more sales.

Recently, Engagement Labs’ revealed their newest TotalSocial® Rankings Top U.S. Food Brands. The rankings are based on consumer conversation trends around face-to-face offline word-of-mouth conversations and social media conversations. We are so excited to see that one of our clients, Perdue, rose +17 places to rank #4 on the top ten list! We’re proud to be a part of the expert social media team that helped Perdue to achieve this milestone.

The bottom line: Brands need to engage and listen to online and offline conversations. Both conversations drive awareness and are both strong purchase drivers.

If your looking to amplify and create messaging that gets people talking, call us we’d be glad to show you how, contact donovan connective marketing at: 717.560.1333 or


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