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If there’s one thing brands have learned about social media, it’s this: it works! Doing social right can increase both loyalty and a company’s bottom line exponentially. Perdue wasn’t really on consumers’ radar in this social space. Their overarching strategy was great for sales, but it wasn’t really right translating to consumers everyday lives. They knew they had room to grow, and asked us to help connect the dots to a more effective social presence.

OUR SOLUTION - Social – Content & Strategy

We created a strategy that works synergistically with Perdue’s advertising. It translates their corporate message specifically to the social space – opening the door to create content that more naturally fits into consumers’ lives. With this new framework in place, we set out to make thumb-stopping posts that inspired consumers on how to turn their mealtime to-dos into ta-das! Our delicious recipes, time-saving tips, contests, cute gifs and more both entertain consumers and deliver the content and value they want. We change up our thematics seasonally to keep things fresh, and we’re always tweaking and optimizing as we learn.

Perdue Chicken Social Media
Perdue Chicken Social Media


Consumers love it! They started getting more wins in the kitchen, and we got more wins for our client – earning a few awards for being one of the most talked about brands in social.