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Taking the Meat Out of Jerky


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Mushroom…jerky??? Yeah – it sounds a little weird. But with big numbers behind the plant-based eating trend, and more and more people adopting Vegan, Vegetarian and Flexitarian lifestyle practices, it sounded less odd all the time. And Giorgio wanted in. So we jumped into the world of Veganism and plant-based lifestyles with both feet.


To create this brand, we left no ‘shroom unturned. A deep dive into custom market research, store visits and target consumer profile development honed our strategy and creative approach. Our designs explored a wide range of directions – from growing processes to premium appeals to more funky, fun and fanciful directions. We wanted to be certain we truly nailed the essence of the product and its appeal. In the end, we boldly embraced the untamed nature of mushrooms and created Savory Wild. The natural, premium aesthetic stands out as a plant-based jerky option worthy of the finest fungi snack product ever.


Our comprehensive approach created a brand the client loved – turning a kinda weird product into a wildly successful product.

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