Craving Clean Labels

The audience for clean labels is wider than first thought.

Clean Label eating is the trend that just won’t quit. Born more than a decade ago, it continues to influence consumers looking to eat a healthier diet. 53% of adults in a recent survey said they are buying natural and organic foods more often.

Millennials and Gen Xers started the Clean Label movement, seeking to live healthier lifestyles earlier than their Baby Boomer parents. But now the trend has reached the next level as health issues become a higher priority for the aging Boomers. In a surveyed group of 1000 aged 50 or older, about 80% said heart health was a main reason for their eating decision making.

This adoption of Clean Label eating has shifted it from a trend to the new normal.

More and more people want to live healthier and brands are adjusting their products and their marketing efforts. Clean label eaters tend to be informed, curious, educated and extremely active in their health management.

So to reach this growing group, brands need to make it their natural, organic or health benefits clear. The actual definition of clean label is still murky, but many brands are able to claim the “clean label” statement.

It’s not as easy as placing a label on the product saying it is clean – brands need to be as transparent as possible; this could mean the traceability of the ingredients to sustainability of the actual product.

Once a brand connects with this audience they are able to create an emotional connection with their messaging because both are striving for a cleaner living. This not only shows the brand is conscience of what is happening around them but shows they actually care about what their audience wants.

Cleaner living is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s culture. Once a brand proves how its Clean Label products fit into consumers’ lives, they’ll create brand champions through a shared mission of cleaner living. This not only shows the brand’s market awareness – it demonstrates that they actually care about what their audience wants, forging a lasting emotional connection.

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