Quickness Keeps The Crown

Content reigns supreme. But sometimes royalty needs to sprint.

Diving into why sometimes good content isn’t good enough.

Bend the knee to the king.

Content continues to tighten its grip on the marketing throne. That’s why it’s a substantial part of your budget. Or it should be. If it isn’t, you might want to take a hard look at why. Seriously.

If it is, you already know that good content is essential. And that can come to life a lotta different ways. Here are just a few examples of crown-wearing content and why each one rules.

Good Content: Speaks The Truth

Even if it’s dramatized, it hits home.

Good Content Is: Real And Refreshing

Moms get it. Moms totally get it.

Good Content Is: Tapped Into Current Events

“Salvage The Season” blends the holiday and COVID.

We could go on and on. How? Because good evergreen content always provides value before or after the sale. Leading to more sales, more loyal fans and stronger brands.

A Challenger for the Throne. Enter the Speedster.

But these days, sometimes good content isn’t good enough. Your content needs to channel its inner Flash.

Good QUICK content is taking over the title. You can thank TikTok, in-app filters and creative suites for that. Content is more democratized than ever before – getting pumped out daily at lightning speeds and delighting consumers.

These heavily influence both consumer mindsets and shopping patterns. So how do brands keep up?

The Defense Strategy: A Versatile & Nimble Content Studio

Short answer: a dedicated content studio. Long answer: a kick-ass, ready-to-roll, adapt-on-a-dime, cranking-out-quality content studio.

Having an enthusiastic, proactive resource chomping-at-the-bit to create something on-point is essential. It ensures you’re staying relevant and getting the most out of your content. Check it out these examples:

This isn’t easy to set up. Oh no, studios need the combination of equipment, talent and attitude to crank out something simple yet awesome at break-neck speed. Flexibility and nimbleness are key to keeping up with what’s trending in the moment and producing quality content fast. It’s tough, but completely worth it. Just ask our clients.

Today, good content isn’t good enough. Good content with superhero speed is how your content keeps its crown. A partner who can create quality content fast is invaluable in optimizing the most important marketing tool you have.