Targeting Transformists

Research Suggests There’s A New Demographic Even More Influential Than Millennials

Marketers have been studying how Millennials live and breathe for the past few years. And with good reason: this group of young individuals is large in number and has the most spending power out of any generation.

However, a recent study by Digitas showed that marketers might want to shift their efforts to target a newly defined group: Transformists.

Encompassing 38 million people, Transformists share similar traits as Millennials. But what’s unique about this group is that age or education doesn’t define them – they are grouped by values and experiences instead of the traditional criteria.

Transformists are made up of a surprisingly diverse body of people. While Millennials do make up two thirds of the group, it’s not just young adults – with ages ranging from 18-54. Of course, they lean towards digital content, with 62% likely to find out information from apps and 33% more likely to find out via social media.

Looking beyond the “Millennial Mindset” is key to reaching this group. A go-getter attitude defines them, and they’re willing to seek the information they need. About 90% of Transformists will stick with a brand once they find one they like, so connect with them through your brand values and encouraging word of mouth referrals. Feed their natural curiosity by focusing on outlets they use regularly.

Millennials will continue to be a hot target for marketers, but the emergence of this new group should be incorporated into strategies moving forward. They span multiple generations and aren’t shy about sharing what they love, potentially giving them more influence on trends than any other generation or group. They share more online content, involve themselves in more conversations and are more likely to share word to mouth with their peers – making it crucial to build a positive rapport with them.

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